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EMP’s Top 5 Jurisdictions for Broadcasters Post-Brexit - 7 Aug '18

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

"The leading jurisdictions are mostly those with real experience of international broadcasting, a good reputation for doing business and a stable and reliable legal system.  We have also taken into account how keen they are to attract new licensees and how easy we have found it do deal with the country and regulator in compiling our research." 

Ed Hall, Managing Partner

There is growing industry concern about the nature of any transitional deal between the UK and the EU, and what that deal will mean for Ofcom-licensed broadcasters whose channels are exported to the EU.  Television companies face challenging decisions about where, when or if to re-license in order to continue broadcasting to the EU, possibly as soon as March 2019.  

For the last year, the EMP Brexit Team has been working on research that will help broadcasters to assess the regulatory environment of each of the 30 EU and EEA countries.  The research is published in our new Brexit Broadcast Licensing Directory.

The EMP has ranked each of the jurisdictions individually based on research into areas such as the regulatory environment, ease of doing business, creative infrastructure and quality of life for each country.  

The Top 5 jurisdictions are: 

1 - Ireland

2 - Netherlands

3 - Luxembourg

4 - Malta

5 - Estonia

The Brexit Broadcast Licensing Directory Contains:

1 - Contact details for every regulator in Europe (over 130 verified names, email addresses and phone numbers)

2 - Comparative analysis of the advertising rules, including rules on alcohol and gambling in each jurisdiction

3 – Details of the licensing process and costs in all countries across the EU and EEA

4 – Examples of the age and content restrictions and examples of the necessary on-air warnings for broadcasters in all countries

5 – A total of 325 verified links for more information on every EU and EEA jurisdiction

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