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What on Earth is an Entry Level EPG Position?

The team at the UK’s leading prominence brokers currently has an entry level EPG position available on the UK’s Sky satellite platform.  We often get asked what an entry level position is, so we asked our Managing Partner, Ed Hall, if he could explain. 

This is what he told us:

“The market in EPG positions comes about because television platforms are not allowed to favour their own channels over others.  This has created a dynamic market where broadcasters can buy (and sell) their channel numbers to find the biggest audiences nearest the most popular channels, because despite changing viewing habits, most viewers still flick up and down from the channel they are watching to find other programmes to watch.”

“The channels nearest to the most popular channels are worth millions, maybe even tens of millions of pounds, but the further away you get from the most popular, the less the channel number is worth.  When we describe a position as ‘entry level’ we mean that it has no premium value.  On the Sky platform this means that a channel operator could buy a channel in Sport, for example, and move it to Entertainment, or from Music to Movies (subject to Sky’s terms).  The EPG number is really just a right to broadcast on the platform, and it is particularly important for SD channels, where there are no new ones available”

We asked Ed, what does buying an entry level position cost, and what does it require to launch a channel?

“Entry level positions can vary a lot in cost, but they are the cheapest way to launch an SD channel on the Sky platform.  With satellite and playout costs also extremely competitive, there has never been a more cost-effective time to launch a digital satellite channel to 10 million UK homes.”

The team at EMP is well-placed to assist television channel operators in the process of launching channels, and has helped more than 200 channels in their search for better prominence on Sky, Virgin, Freeview and on new platforms. 

If you want more viewers, you need better prominence.

For more information about the entry level EPG position, or to find out more about the costs of launching in the UK market, contact the team at EMP, either messaging here, or by emailing:

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