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EPG Brokerage

EMP is the UK’s Leading EPG Broker.

Our Managing Partner, Ed Hall, brokered the very first deals in the UK that allowed the transfer of channel numbers on the Sky Platform from one broadcaster to another (in 2003). Ed and the team have since developed the market, and created the processes that make the sale and purchase of EPG positions run smoothly and effectively.

Our partners can:

  • Help buy or sell channel numbers

  • Provide effective and experienced valuations

  • Advise of the management of channel numbers on Sky and the UK’s other broadcast platforms

  • Provide clients with comfort in the knowledge that they are dealing with the UK’s most experienced transaction team.  

We have an unmatched track record in representing high-profile broadcasters who wish to remain anonymous through the early stages of an EPG sale or purchase.

If you are looking to buy or sell an EPG contract, contact us today.

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