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Introducing Disruptia

Advanced Broadcast Technology and Integration

The one-stop shop to check out the latest broadcast solutions and technologies covering the whole broadcast chain. We aim to bridge the gap between mainstream systems integrators and the creators of new innovative technologies that are faster, better and cheaper than traditional solutions. PATH Studio below is an example of a technology we are bringing to the UK and European markets.

Disruptia: Welcome

The Power of the PATH Studio

Watch the video and find out what the Power of PATH could do for you.

Disruptia: Video

The Power of PATH

Lightning Fast Peer-to-Peer Video Management

PATH is a new video delivery patform delivered to professional markets as a SaaS (software as a service) solution.  The hardware PATH has designed that is required to link broadcasters to the PATH Cloud Studio is available as for sale or lease, with local support and training available. 

The PATH Cloud Studio provides all the tools needed to manage and check and compile the video in the cloud, removing the processing time required to do that in your studio or gallery.  The low video latency achieved is unmatched by any other comparable system.

Voting, quizzing and polling functions are all available, adding no latency to the video streams.

For broadcasters looking to connect presenters and guests from across thw world without the problems of delays, buffering, differential bit rates and timing errors. PATH provides a broadcast quality solution, connected directly to vision and audio mixers, ready to bring remote working and remote contributors onto a broadacst quality system and stop using non-broadcast business conference tools.

Disruptia: Service
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