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Your local partner for UK and European channel distribution,
EPG prominence, commercial analysis, Brexit crisis planning,
project management and provider of technical solutions to broadcasters and
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EPG Brokerage

Prominence Equals More Viewers

The UK's leading advisors on EPG prominence, with a blue chip client list and a history of transactions worth more than £100M. No other advisors come close to EMP's market experience on the UK's programme guides.

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The Power of PATH

Lightning Fast Peer-to-Peer Video Management

PATH is a new video delivery patform delivered to professional markets as a SaaS (software as a service) solution. 

The cloud-based PATH Studio provides all the tools needed to manage and check and compile video in the cloud, removing the processing time required to do that in your studio or gallery.  The low video latency achieved is unmatched by any other comparable system.

Voting, quizzing and polling functions are all available, adding no latency to the video streams.

For broadcasters looking to connect presenters and guests from across the world without the problems of delays, buffering, differential bit rates and timing errors. PATH provides a broadcast quality solution, connected directly to vision and audio mixers, ready to bring remote working contributors, presenters and reporters  into a broadacst quality envirnment, system and stop using non-broadcast business conference tools.



TV Shopping Experts and Investors

EMP was a founder investor in West Africa's first international teleshopping company, which launched after two years of testing in January 2020.

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Platform Distribution

UK and European Distribution

With years of experience, our team has the capabilities and expertise to take your channel to new territories and onto new platforms. We have worked in the UK, Spain, Greece, Nigeria, Australia, Ukraine, Russia...

Underwater Scuba Diving

Management and Change

DeepDive and Interim Management

Looking to develop your broadcast or digital retail business but not sure where to turn? Need help planning or executing your next TV project? Perhaops you'd like a discreet extrenal team to evaluate an idea before engaging your in-house team? We have dealt with change up and change down projects, and bring imagination and new creative thinking to difficult projects. Our DeepDive service can evaluate a project in days.


Regulatory and Compliance

Representation and Advice

Our UK and EU compliance capability is perfect for channels that want to disctribute, but have little or no physical presence in a territory. We can advise and manage broadacst and regulatory compliance for you, providing a local contact, local input, and hands-on management of any problems.



Technical Answers to Difficult Problems

P.AT.H is a live video low latency system that enables live management of huge audiences in real-time from their homes.  It is an answer to the question of how do you create a live atmosphere in a Covid-secure production environment.  EMP represents the system in the UK and Europe, and has a new low-cost European control centre for the technology based in Athens.  Currently powering Dr Phil in the USA and used for Hollywood Game Night and the daytime EMMYs, this is a unique and brilliant new tool.  Get in touch for a demo.

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Keeping up to date with the ideas, news, and reactions of the EMP team to broadcast issues, with a focus on change and new developments


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