We are a leading broadcast and media services business
delivering commercial, strategic and project management
consultancy to broadcasters.

We offer our clients creative management consultancy, manage
channel launches, plan new projects and provide outsourcing for commercial or
or management functions and we strive to be a centre of creative innovation.

Our Partners

EMP has built an international network of experienced professionals who work together to deliver strategic advice and expert services to broadcasters and electronic retailers. Our partners really understand what makes television work, technically and commercially, and we are ready to help make your broadcast business bigger, better and more profitable.

Latest Blog Post

Brexit Threatens UK TV Industry in 2017

June 20, 2017
Our research has found that UK-based international broadcasters face very serious challenges in a post-Brexit world, and we predict that the consequent impact is likely to start being felt in the summer of 2017. The UK is currently by far the biggest location in the EU for companies broadcasting tel...
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