Scott Solder

 Consultant and Training Partner

Scott is a media and communications consultant, seasoned speaker and practised moderator who provides PR and executive coaching services to senior leaders to help them leverage their influence and communicate persuasively on TV, on the radio and in public.

Scott works with EMP as an expert on training and communications, and as a senior project manager. He has assisted with EMP projects including DTT business planning in EU countries, and our recent Brexit research publications. He has led EMP teams on detailed business planning and due diligence exercises for clients and projects in the Middle East and Africa.

Scott is a former editor at BBC News & Current Affairs, a licensed instructor in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and author of the internationally successful influence and persuasion title 'You Need This Book To Get What You Want'. 

His clients have included large UK and global firms, advertising agencies, digital media, 10 Downing Street and HM Treasury. 

+44 (0) 20 7766 5269

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