David McMunn

Senior Partner Legal and Regulatory Affairs

David is a communications/media professional with 20 years of legal, regulatory, corporate and commercial experience.  He has extensive knowledge of the Irish, EU and UK regulatory and legal frameworks for the broadcast/ telecommunication sector and is a qualified Solicitor and Mediator in both the Republic of Ireland and the UK (England and Wales). 

David started his communications/media career as a lawyer in 1998 in Unipalm Pipex/UUNET UK, one of the UK’s first indigenous Internet Service Providers. He initially worked on significant commercial deals, providing legal and corporate support to several multi-million pound deals between UUNET and companies such as The London Stock exchange, Shell and BP.  

In 2002 David returned to Ireland to a senior management position at TV3 (the then sole Irish commercial terrestrial broadcaster) and he has worked exclusively in the broadcast/digital media environment since. He has significant experience of broadcast regulation in both Ireland, the EU and the UK having worked for Irish and UK companies since then including UTV and ITV.  

In his career David has worked for commercial broadcasters and private equity companies which have all been complex, multi-jurisdictional organisations with multiple shareholder/stakeholder engagement. He has been a senior executive director of a number of companies advising on all aspects of corporate activity including employment, public policy and communications strategy.  

When not in an office, David spends most of his time up mountains hiking and walking two crazy rescue dogs!

+44 (0) 20 7766 5269

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