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DeepDive™  Analysis

EMP’s DeepDive™ is a unique way to get real insight into a business, business plan, or problem department at high-speed.

We create a confidential team of our expert partners who will spend a few days looking at the nuts and bolts of the plan or the business, and we offer a detailed insight into their view of the operation.  The exercise is a form of due diligence based on the deep and unique experience of our team of partners.  Everyone we use in a DeepDive™ team has done the job they are assessing at a senior level.  This is not a traditional research exercise by management consultancy trainees, but the targeted use of experience and insight by C-level executives who really know and understand the business they are looking at.

We sometimes describe it as a 90% due diligence exercise.  We won’t spot or catch everything that a full due diligence will, but clients receive a detailed report that highlights the factual findings as well as the gut feelings and opinions of our team.  Clients find our DeepDive™ reports can inform a merger or acquisition, warn of major problems to come, or give a broadly-clean bill of health to a department facing change.

The EMP team invests time and money in learning about our markets, and the trends and changes in them.  Where business models need to adapt to survive or expand there is often a role for outsourced management, for strategic research and consultancy, or for the implementation of change.

Our partners are experienced at:


  • Working in challenging or difficult environments where change and new approaches are required

  • Providing training, identifying new staff and building new teams

  • Leading new project launches and handing them over to new management teams

  • Providing clear analysis and documented structures using a management systems approach

  • Capacity-building to ensure that the role of the outsourced manager disappears as organisational change takes hold


Writing and assessing broadcast business plans is a specialist skill, and one that our team has been doing for over twenty years.

We can assist with plans in entertainment, shopping, news, movies, sport and also more specialist transactional areas of broadcasting such as gambling, adult, self-promotional channels and foreign-language subscription services.

Investors often like to see an independent analysis of business proposals and financial projections, and we can provide that using our network of expert partners across multiple disciplines.


Our team wrote the business plan for the company that won the local television multiplex in the UK, and produced this film to explain the business model.

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