Regulatory Compliance and Brexit Planning

The EMP team has advised broadcasters from all over the world on their compliance needs, and we often work as an outsourced compliance advisor and named contact for regulators such as Ofcom, and have experience in regulations from Iceland to Malta, and from Estonia to Spain and Belgium.


Before you can broadcast you need a broadcast licence; this means creating a relevant compliance plan and demonstrating to the regulator that training has taken place to ensure that broadcasters have the right processes in place at the time of the application. 

The EMP team has written the licence applications for channels in multiple genres and with very different compliance requirements.  We can also produce detailed compliance guidelines and procedures for new channel operators, or to help respond to issues or as a response to Ofcom or other regulator complaints.

Retained Advisors

EMP is retained as a compliance advisor for a variety of channel operators, offering quarterly updates and training to ensure channels stay on top of this area of increasing importance, and ensuring that all regulator updates are checked for relevance and actions advised to ensure compliance.

Brexit Planning

Since the referendum in 2016, the team at EMP has built up un-matched experience in the issues and requirements posed by the exit of the UK from the EU.  An Ofcom licence will no longer act as a passport for broadacsting in Europe, and channels using an EU or EEA licence to broadcast in the UK will need to obtain a licence, or rely on the European Convention on Transfrontier Television, which doesn't cover online video services, or indeed apply in the Netherlands of Republic of Ireland.  That's a small example of why expert advice on the post-Brexit world is vital.

EMP has advised broadcasters, regulators and inward investment authorities and has already assisted 20 channels with managing the change.  We can plan, manage the licence applications, and advise on costs, licensing criteria, and provide comparative analysis of the different options. 

EMP publishes the Brexit Broadcast Licensing Directory, which has details on the licensing regimes, costs and differences between all EU and EEA countries.  It is available here.

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