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Teleshopping is multi-billion pound business in Europe, the USA, Asia and is just beginning to appear in Africa. It is a complex industry that uses multiple business models: from live studio channels to niche product channels and pre-recorded infomercial channels, as well as product companies that buy airtime on a range of third-party channels.  Very few companies have a history in all the various disciplines required to make a television shopping business work, as the skills cross the boundaries of broadcasting, retailing and logistics.

The EMP DreamTeam™ has designed, owned, managed, launched and sold teleshopping channels in the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia/New Zealand and Africa.  Our DreamTeam™ senior partners have also represented some of the world's biggest product owners across European markets.


Our innovative and entrepreneurial approach to TV shopping means we are always looking for new ideas and new opportunities, and we own a Nordic product distribution business based in Iceland and hold a minority investment in a new Nigerian teleshopping operator.  Our team is ready to advise, manage change projects, lead turnaround action, or assist operators closing channels or operations.

We are proud to say that DreamTeam™ has advised the UK's biggest operators on broadcast distribution, sales, data analysis and studio operations, and our team has brought new digital channels to market.


The DreamTeam™ senior partners have owned, managed, launched and sold their own channels, as well as conducted in-depth background due diligence on television shopping channels for potential investors.

We can help with scheduling and managing back-office functions, conduct Ofcom and Clearcast compliance on products and manage the process of selling products into a range of shopping channels in the UK and Europe. The partners at EMP launched the first channel designed to use live real-time advertising to sell holidays and travel.

The DreamTeam™ has worked on projects for QVC, HSN, Gems TV (UK, USA and Thailand), Shop TV (Australia), Immediate Media, Express Shopping, TV Warehouse, Pacific Media (Asian markets), As Seen On TV (USA and Europe), and led launches and channel turnaround projects in Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Spain, the USA, UK and Taiwan.

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