The Brexit Broadcast Licensing Directory £495


The team that brought you Brexit and the UK Television Industry is now offering a country-by-country guide to broadcast regulation in the EU and EEA that includes:

1. Contact details for every regulator in Europe (over 130 verified names, email addresses and phone numbers)

2. Comparative analysis of the advertising rules, including rules on alcohol and gambling in each jurisdiction  

3. Details of the licensing process and costs in all countries across the EU and EEA

4. Examples of the age and content restrictions and examples of the necessary on-air warnings for broadcasters in all countries

5. A total of 325 verified links for more information on every EU and EEA jurisdiction, plus quarterly email updates until Brexit!

The Directory is an essential research tool for broadcasters, government officials, regulators, media lawyers, academics and journalists assessing, studying or reporting on the UK television and video industry. 

No similar comparative research is available on the market today.

The Brexit Broadcast Licensing Directory consists of 300 fact-filled pages and costs just £495

You can also order over the phone by calling the EMP Brexit Team on +44 20 7766 5269.

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