EPG Brokering

The very first deals in the UK that allowed the transfer of channel numbers on the Sky platform from one broadcaster to another took place in 2003 and were brokered by our Managing Partner Ed Hall. Since then Ed and his team have developed the market and created the business processes that make the sale and purchase of EPG positions run smoothly and effectively.

Our partners can help to buy or sell channel numbers, provide effective and experienced valuations and bring clients the comfort of knowing that they are dealing with the UK's most experienced EPG transaction team. We have an unmatched track record in representing high-profile broadcasters who wish to remain anonymous through the early stages of an EPG sale or purchase. We can also advise on the management of channel numbers on the UK's other broadcast platforms. If you are looking to buy or sell an EPG contract, come and talk to us.

Business Planning

Writing and assessing broadcast business plans is a specialist skill, and one that our team has been doing for twenty years. We can assist with plans in entertainment, shopping, news, movies, sport and also more specialist transactional areas of broadcasting such as gambling, adult, self-promotional channels and foreign-language subscription services.

Investors often like to see an independent analysis of business proposals and financial projections, and we can provide that using our network of expert partners across multiple disciplines. Our team wrote the business plan for the company that won the local television multiplex in the UK, and produced this film to explain the business model.

Asset Valuations

We can give formal valuations of broadcast assets for a wide range of purposes, and our partners have worked with investors, major accountancy firms, administrators and insolvency practitioners to help assess the value of broadcast assets for a wide range of purposes.

We can look at value for investment purposes, or in more difficult circumstances we have worked with administrators such as Deloittes, Smith and Williamson and KPMG to assist in maximising the value of a company's broadcast assets and licences.

Channel Development

Turning a good idea into a good TV channel is much harder than it sounds. Our partners have a great track record in bringing experience, creative thinking and left-field ideas into developing new or existing television channels. We have worked on turn-arounds, and on first stage start-ups, assisting with the creative vision, and turning that into a commercial reality.

Our partners designed the commercial model for, and managed the launch of, the UK's first channel devoted to the sale of financial products, and also built and launched the UK's first video-on-demand shopping channel, and the UK's first SMS texting channel. We can bring new ideas and fresh-thinking to new and existing TV channels.

Broadcast Licensing / Compliance

It is a statement of the obvious that before you can broadcast you need a broadcast licence, but that also means an increasing amount of work needs to go into the compliance plans and training that broadcasters have in place at the time of the application.

Our partners have written the licence applications for channels in multiple genres and with very different compliance requirements. We can also produce detailed compliance guideline and procedures for new channel operators to put in place, or to help respond to issues or as a response to Ofcom or other regulator complaints.

Airtime Sales

Most channel models depend on selling airtime to advertisers, and the UK's airtime market is a complex commodity market, with a small group of very large media buyers making up most of the market.

Our team has unique experience in positioning channels in a way that maximises their potential for airtime sales revenue, with partners that have backgrounds managing airtime sales on channels from ITV down to the smallest niche or local operators. We can help start-ups create realistic airtime sales projections, or conduct due diligence on projections from other sources for potential investors.

Platform Distribution

Channels need skilled negotiators with knowledge of local markets to help distribute channels in multiple territories. For larger broadcast groups or mainstream territories, there is often a full-time in-house role for a senior manager, but for smaller broadcasters, or for channels looking at smaller markets, outsourcing platform distribution can offer a cost-effective and expert solution.

Our network of partners can help with channel distribution across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the USA, Latin America and South East Asia.

Scheduling / Channel Management

For many smaller broadcasters the staff required to micro-manage the playout schedule are a significant expense. Providing scheduling staff and services to broadcasters reduces costs, increases business resilience, and adds layers of expertise and experience to a business critical process. We work with scheduling software companies to identify the right tools for our clients, and can provide outsourced staff to manage the schedule to our clients' requirements.

Our staff can work flexibly, being based in our offices, home-working, or our clients' offices, or sometimes a combination of these. Our partners work to try and find ways that smart-scheduling can increase commercial value for our clients' channels.

Strategic Business Research / Change Management

We invest time and money in learning about our markets, and the trends and changes in them. Where business models need to adapt to survive or expand there is often a role for outsourced management, for strategic research and consultancy, or for the implementation of change.

Our partners are experienced at working in difficult environments where change and new approaches are required. We can provide training, identify new staff or build new teams. We have a management systems approach to the changes we implement, providing clear analysis, documented structures, and are happy to be tasked with capacity-building to ensure that the role of the outsourced manager disappears as organisational change takes hold.

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