Pay TV

The UK has a complex pay TV environment with multiple platforms and delivery technologies. The team at EMP has launched channels on all platforms and provides expert advice on channel launching, EPG management, carriage negotiation, pay-per-view (PPV) deals, and has also conducted negotiations for transactional channels and delivered consultancy to corporate and government customers on EPG prominence and trading.

The team has assisted in the application for Ofcom licences, and can negotiate clients through the regulatory and commercial environment of pay TV in the UK. The team often works alongside client's legal advisors to add a layer of commercial experience to comple legal negotiations.

In other markets across Europe and globally, our team has worked on the launch or restructure of pay TV platforms and channels including extensive work with African broadcasters, and management consultancy work with Greek and Irish broadcasters.

Post Brexit Licensing

EMP has assembled a team of international rights and media contract specialists to assist companies and governments in interpreting and influencing the negotiations around the UK's exit from the European Union. Whether you are seeking analysis of the likely impact of Brexit, wanting to open negotiations with the UK Government on future relationships, or in need of detailed commercial analysis and reporting as the government looks to options including replacement of the AVMS Directive, our team is ready to help. We have a team that includes the experts who carried out the UK's biggest ever rights deals, people who have advised governments at the highest levels, and lawyers with keen commercial instincts ready to assist clients in these turbulent times. We also have a team of creative thinkers looking at the potential opportunities and positive outcomes Brexit could bring to our industry: why not talk to them?


The team has designed and managed the build of DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) infrastructure across the UK, delivering multi-million pound projects on time and on budget. The team understands the business models for mass audience television channels.

Free-to-air television models require two specific skills sets: outstanding DTT carriage negotiation and a deep understanding of monetising audiences with the smart use of audience measurement, sponsorship, direct response and other revenue tools. Our team can provide expertise and advice or outsourced carriage negotiating teams for client channels.

The EMP team has worked on DTT projects in the UK, Nigeria, Spain, Kenya and Greece, and we have world-class understanding of the models, the pitfalls, and the challenges.

International Negotiations and Rights Management

Our team has worked on some of the biggest rights deals in the history of broadcasting, representing both buyer and seller in sports rights deals involving the English and Scottish Premier Leagues, content deals for pay TV operators across the world with all the Hollywood studios, music publishers, and we have partners with detailed knowledge of VOD, OTT and new platform rights deals.

We have advised on joint venture deals between broadcasters, conducted due diligence on transactions, advised on commercial contract terms and acted as lead negotiator in markets for non-resident clients.

TV Shopping

A multi-billion pound business in Europe, television shopping is a complex industry with multiple business models from live studio channels to niche product channels and pre-recorded infomercial channels. The team has designed, owned, managed, launched and sold channels, and represented some of the biggest product owners across European markets. Our innovative and entrepreneurial approach means we are always looking for new ideas and new opportunities, and we own a Nordic product distribution business based in Iceland.

We have advised the UK's biggest operators on broadcast distribution, sales, data analysis and new digital channels to market. We have also conducted in-depth background due diligence on television shopping channels for potential investors.

EMP can help with scheduling and managing back-office functions, conducting Ofcom and Clearcast compliance on products and managing the sales process of products into a range of shopping channels in the UK and Europe. The partners at EMP launched the first channel designed to use live real-time advertising to sell holidays and travel.

Digital / Mobile / OTT

The continuing growth of new methods of content delivery and digital engagement means that it is difficult for most broadcasters and digital retailers to keep on top of a market that includes OTT options on many platforms, unique VOD propositions and set-top boxes from BT, Talk Talk, Sky, Virgin, Apple, Google, Now TV and others.

Smart TVs are in many homes, with access to multiple platforms for content, often including their own, and there are independent operators creating agnostic platform propositions that can deliver content in many environments. Our team can provide outsourced expertise in assessing the technologies, and making the business decisions that are needed to ensure that your content is reaching the widest audience possible.

Our experts can help in managing search and online advertising, linking content and subscription and product sales to an online strategy and find ways to build content distribution tools that match a wider commercial plan.

DTT Infrastructure

Many countries still have to build the infrastructure required for digital switch-over, and the decisions about what to build, and the licensing of the capacity will have long-term and profound consequences for those broadcast markets.

Our team has been involved in DTT television since 1998, and we have learned many of the lessons presented by the challenges of DTT growth, failure, and subsequent re-growth in the UK. Our team has also designed and built a 12.7 million home terrestrial multiplex in the UK, and managed the business turnaround of a 1 million home city multiplex.

African Broadcasting

The partners at EMP have been working on broadcasting projects in Africa since 2003. They have worked on DTT and DTH projects in Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa, and have assisted platforms create sustainable business models in broadcasting and TV shopping. Most African broadcasters operating in the UK have used our partners to assist, and we have advised the government of Nigeria on the restructure of the national broadcaster.

We have assisted US and European broadcasters seeking to understand African markets and find ways to distribute content to multiple markets, and on VOD, OTT and mobile platforms. Our partners have spent time on the ground in Africa and we can provide experience and assistance to rights owners, broadcast operators and governments.

Content Acquisition and Distribution

Managing the negotiation of broadcast rights, whether buying or selling, is the key to many television business models' success or failure. Our team has attended the main content conferences for more than a decade, and has a rich network of contacts that can help with the buying or selling of content in sport, film, music, entertainment, news and TV shopping.

From public domain content to fill the quiet hours of a television schedule, through to the negotiation of major football or other sporting properties, our team can help get those transactions closed effectively and at the right price.

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