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Is Easter the time to experiment?

It's a funny season for broadcasters: rabbits, eggs, Jesus, bank holidays, but no real theme for TV (unless you are the GOD Channel). On the other hand, it is a public holiday, children get excited about it, everyone knows what it is and the whole country buys chocolate eggs.
If you want to try new ways of building schedules, promoting events, experimenting with new technologies or interactive services, but would never dream of risking doing that at Christmas, then how about trying it for Easter?

There are probably ways to use the scheduling and playout tools that you have which have never been used, and ways of creating special one-off schedules to market to advertisers and sponsors. So why not work on a crazy over-the-top Easter Season that can give you and your team the chance to experiment without risking the Crown Jewels. If you think that sounds fun, or would just like one of our expert partners to look at the unused functions in the asset management or transmission systems you pay for, but don't use, then get in touch. We'll even throw in an Easter Egg (subject to your company's anti-bribery policy, of course).


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