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Birmingham City Blues...

Thank you to Birmingham for a Quality Welcome!

Our Managing Partner Ed Hall was a bit surprised and a little bit delighted to announce that he has been selected as one of the Birmingham Post's Power 250!

Ed said:

'Yes, according to that magnificent newspaper, I am apparently one of the 250 most influential business people in Birmingham. Now of course it turns out that this is due to my time as founder and chairman of Comux, the national infrastructure business for local television, which ended 18 months ago, but I thought I would accept the award anyway for two reasons.

1. I am immensely proud of the decision I made to build the network centre in Birmingham, investing more money in 2013 in Birmingham than the BBC did. Many people said we wouldn't find the necessary skills and support for the business in the heart of the Midlands, but the reverse was true. From the Leader of the Council to local colleges and the great team at Innovation Birmingham, we had an outstanding experience, and I would now put Birmingham at the top of my list of UK cities to launch a new company.

2. There is something very special about launching a business away from London. This was the first time I have really built a company outside the capital and it as a very different experience. The local council, universities, Leader of the Council and everyone we met was helpful and determined to make us succeed. This award itself shows that even two years' later people remember what you did, and you would never make that mark in London'.

At the lunch sponsored by Qatar Airways, senior staff from EMP met the director of Birmingham City FC, a connection that was helpful just 24 hours later, and our team also met the owner of a very cool animation company in Birmingham that we have linked up with a corporate video company in London.

After the lunch Ed said,

'This award made me notice that networking, recognition of achievement, common determination to succeed and the help of those at the top are much easier to find in a country's second city'.

Food for thought there?


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