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An Exciting Winter on the Sky EPG Opens Opportunities

Over time channels launch and close, and sometimes move around the Sky (DTH) programme guide, and viewers have largely got used to it. Channel numbers are not quite the same commodity that they were ten years ago when channels wanted to build viewer memory in a particular 3-digit number.

Now proximity and virtual TV village-building is more important. If your +1 is miles away then will people be bothered to scroll or click away to find it? There is always the risk that an unseen episode of NCIS pops up mid-scroll and the potential +1 viewer is lost. The way around that is to build small EPG villages of channels, in the way that ITV and Channel 4 have been quite effective at achieving.

In order to make a splash and get your channels in a group you need access to multiple positions, and you need a strategy that recognises the value of a group versus simple height of channel number on the EPG. Is the premium performance of one channel in the 160s or 170s worth more than a block of channels that can pass each other viewers in the 220s?

We have been looking carefully at this, and we also have some ideas about how it can be achieved. There is quite a lot of activity in the EPG market at the moment, as a consequence prices are reported to be softer than they have been for a while, and we have identified some ways to achieve channel villages in the Entertainment genre. If you have a disparate group of channels, then this could be the right time to consolidate your real estate and build a destination area on the EPG. Worth thinking about? Give us a call.


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