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So what are you planning to do at IBC? The options to get distracted with the latest kit and leave your card in a bucket in a few competitions for a new GoPro are fun, but I think you need to focus on a key goal. Obviously meetings are part of the reason, and sometimes you get so busy that the wandering gets left behind. But I always try to focus on one industry trend or technology that I need to learn more about and use the opportunity to visit stands and ask more about it.

Over the years I have learned so much more about cloud-based playout systems, editing on tablets and phones, multi-device streaming, and the fabulous octocopters whilst there. So what will my personal learning goal be next week?

I think the area I am most intrigued by at the moment is news feeds delivered live from handheld devices. In the wake of Charlie Hebdo and the Thalys train shootings the reality is that live sourced video is a real and growing area of activity. But how does it get efficiently and cheaply delivered? Are there any moderation tools? How can you confidently identify the source?

Next week I am keen to have meetings as always with distribution specialists, playout companies, channel management and MAM companies, terrestrial specialists and scheduling companies. But all the time, between meetings and at the end of each day, I shall be looking out for chances to improve my knowledge of live sourced news feeds from smart phones. So if you are expert in that... let me know!

What will you be learning about?


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