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Busy Days at EMP

EPG Transfers, Freeview Deals and Ofcom Compliance

Since we moved into our new offices in March the team at EMP has been incredibly busy. With 4 Sky EPG deals and a Freeview capacity lease to date we are very busy supporting our clients, and we are delighted that we have been able to help EPG owners realise value for their assets. With the UK's most experienced EPG transfer team now based at EMP, clients are quickly coming to realise that if they want unmatched experience and knowledge of the market, EMP is the place to start.

But it's not just the SKY platform that is keeping us busy, we have been working hard researching opportunities with new multi-platform players and OTT options for clients, and also spent time on projects for three different countries in Africa. As the management team that built the UK's local television infrastructure covering 12.7 million homes, and also built the play-out operations centre that supports it, we are in a great position to help broadcasters and governments that are still working on their digital migration.

We are always happy to talk, and to share ideas and experience with potential clients, and that extends to analysing business plans, developing media sales strategy, and assisting in strategic work on mergers and acquisitions. We are based in Soho in the heart of London's media district so come and say hello...

The holiday season is on us, but with our first infomercial in the late stages of production, and several deals under way, you can be confident that we'll be here if you need us. Drop us a line if you fancy a chat.


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